Gotta Getta Gato 

Gotta Gotta Gato is an initiative that we started in 2017 to try and address a challenging situation in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.  Puerto Vallarta has an enormous problem with dog and cat overpopulation. The Cuale Island in the center of the city has become a dumping ground for unwanted cats and kittens. As a result of Puerto Vallarta’s perfect year-round weather, the cats who survive breed up to four times a year, so the island is continuously filled with more and more cats.

These cats are often in poor health and have not been spay/neutered.  Our team from Pause 4 Paws has been working with local rescue groups in Puerto Vallarta to ensure the the Cuale Island cats are being fed and cared for and working to get them spay/neutered.  

The second part of the Gotta Gotta Gato initiative is find homes for the cats either in Mexico or by transporting them to new homes in the U.S.  It is challenging for rescues in Puerto Vallarta to find homes for cats over the age of 5 months.  In 2017, Pause 4 Paws re-homed 91 cats and in 2018, we have transported 49 cats and 11 dogs  to Minnesota so far.  Every animal that travels to the U.S. is thoroughly vetted and spay/neutered, and has a specific placement already identified. We have been very fortunate to have many volunteers willing to carry one or more of the Cuale Island cats under their airplane seats from Puerto Vallarta to Minnesota. 

Join our Airline Angels Program

Traveling to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico for spring break or another vacation?  Consider joining our Airline Angels program -- an initiative where Pause 4 Paws transports cats or dogs from Mexico to Minneapolis to be placed with families for adoption.  The animals ride under the seat in front of you and we'll meet you at the airport and take it from there! 

For more information, please contact Jill Goldstein