Beneficiary Organizations

Pause 4 Paws currently supports 11 animal rescue organizations in Minnesota and provides support to the rescue community in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. Together, our Beneficiary Organizations have saved over 31,000 dogs and cats and spayed or neutered more than 21,000 animals since 2011.  Pause 4 Paws (P4P) raises and distributes funds that support these animal rescue programs’ efforts to:

Most animal rescues are small, volunteer-based community organizations that do not have staff available to spend time fundraising. P4P works on behalf of these organizations.

100% of the funds we distribute through Pause 4 Paws go directly to the support and care of the animals. 

Angel of Hope Animal Rescue

Located in Anoka, MN
Phone: (763) 445-0717

Angel of Hope Animal Rescue is a foster-focused organization that also utilizes our building to house felines needing to be properly vetted prior to being available for adoption. We are dedicated to rescuing, providing loving care and appropriate vet care to homeless and abandoned animals. Our goal is to match these animals with quality, forever homes, one animal at a time. We will help the adopter understand each pet's personality to determine the best fit for their family. We believe all animals deserve a loving and healthy life.

Angel of Hope works with cats and dogs from animal controls, shelters, rescue partners and owner surrenders. We blend fostering and sheltering of our foster pets depending on their needs while they get ready for adoption. Prior to adoption pets are spayed/neutered, up to date on vaccines, cats are tested for feline leukemia, and dogs are tested for heartworm. We are a limited intake organization; we look at capacity to care for any pet coming into our program. At adoption we can help you determine if the pet is a good fit for your home and family. We will share their personalities and quirks with you to help you decide. 

We have an amazing group of foster moms that are committed to helping the tiniest kittens and puppies survive. These orphans require 24 hour round the clock care. These fosters have handled over 1000 bottle fed kittens and puppies, our experience helps these little ones thrive.  Angel of Hope began helping cats and kittens in 2003, fourteen years later we are still growing and helping more dogs and cats find forever homes each year. Stop by our next adoption event and meet your new best friend!

A Rotta Love Plus

Located in Golden Valley, MN

Phone: (651) 649-4451


A Rotta Love Plus is dedicated to re-homing Rottweilers and pit bulls in Minnesota, raising breed awareness, educating the public about responsible pet ownership, and advocating for the humane and equal treatment of all dogs without prejudice.

We are an uncompensated volunteer organization that relies on the generous donation of time, talent, and loving homes from our supporters. We rely on, and are totally funded by, donations from the community to cover veterinary expenses, food, crates and other needs.


Located in St. Paul, MN

Phone: 651-554-9284

B.A.R.K. (Being Advocates for Rescued K-9′s) is a 501(c)3 non-profit animal rescue founded in April of 2009 and is run solely by volunteers and public donations. B.A.R.K. is a group that prides itself in being “All Breeds, All Needs” and will take in any dog (and occasionally other species) regardless of the breed, age, size, temperament, or location as long as there is a foster home willing to commit to saving and nurturing that dog until they are adopted into a forever home. The majority of our animals are saved from local shelters that employ euthanasia as a means to control the number of animals in their care. B.A.R.K. believes that all lives are precious and worthy of safety, love, and respect!

Once rescued, the B.A.R.K. dogs are never placed back into boarding situations and always go into a foster home and live as part of the family for as long as it takes to get adopted. Every rescued animal is examined by a vet as soon as possible, and no animal will be adopted without being spayed or neutered. A contract and reasonable adoption fee does apply with each dog to help offset the cost of their healthcare.

Gray Face Rescue & Retirement

Location: Sauk Rapids, MN

Phone: (320) 217-2481

Grey Face Rescue & Retirement is a 501(c)3 non-profit, foster-based senior dog rescue providing quality care and love when the norm becomes unfamiliar. We strive to raise awareness of the joys and challenges of living with aging animals. While never forgetting where these animals have come from, we emphasize the positive aspects of their life in retirement. We do not concern ourselves with the quantity of time that they have left, rather the quality of the life that we can provide them for that time. 

Heading Home K9 Rescue


Heading Home K9 Rescue is dedicated to rescuing homeless and unwanted animals. We are a non-profit, 501(c) 3-tax exempt, no-kill dog rescue and placement organization based in Minnesota. Although our focus is primarily on rescuing dogs, we sometimes rescue cats & kittens as well. We are an independent organization and depend solely on adoption fees, fundraisers, and donations to operate. We receive NO government support. We try our best to match the dogs with the needs, wants, personalities, and lifestyles of potential adopters to ensure a healthy, happy, & permanent home.

The Lake Traverse Animal Rezcue

Located in Sisseton, South Dakota

Phone: (605) 742-0219


The Lake Traverse Animal Rezcue’s mission is to improve the quality of life for animals on the Lake Traverse Reservation, which is located on the South Dakota/Minnesota border. This includes rescuing unwanted, abused and neglected animals, providing emergency vet care, fostering and transporting these animals to other rescue groups for rehoming. The majority of our animals go to rescue groups in the Twin Cities, but we also have rescue partners in South Dakota, North Dakota and Ontario, Canada. For animals that will remain on the reservation, we provide free spay/neuter and vaccination clinics, provide educational resources to animal owners, and advocate for tribal laws that will better protect animals. The Lake Traverse Animal Rescue is an all-volunteer based 501c3 non-profit rescue group. Since we don’t do adoptions ourselves, all of our income is generated through donations and fundraising.

Leech Lake Legacy

Located in Leech Lake, MN

Phone: 866-534-2293


Leech Lake Legacy began with the efforts of one woman who found a stray dog while fishing in Cass Lake and attempted to find its owner. While trying to find its owner, she discovered that Leech Lake Reservation had no programs in place to help abandoned or unwanted animals which meant most of the animals brought into the Leech Lake Impound Facility never made it out. What began as one woman wanting to help a stray dog has grown into a collaborative effort to help all of the unwanted or abandoned dogs and cats on the Reservation and provide programs and resources for pet owners of Leech Lake Reservation. From May 2011 (when these efforts began) through July 2013, we have rescued more than 1,700 animals from the Reservation. Leech Lake Legacy also sponsors several spay and neuter clinics each year.

Almost every weekend, the impounded dogs and cats are transported to Minneapolis, Duluth or St. Cloud where they are taken in by various rescues and shelters with whom we have partnered. Some of these partners are members of the animal welfare coalition, MnPAW (Minnesota Partnership for Animal Welfare). Many of the animals brought into the impound are starving, dehydrated and tick-infested. Many of them also have injuries or broken bones. The amazing organizations we work with take in these animals, nurse them back to health, and place them up for adoption.

Light Shine Canine

Light Shine Canine rescues stray and unwanted dogs from the Pine Ridge and other Indian Reservations in South Dakota. 

Follow them on Facebook at @lightshinecanines

Morrison County Animal Humane Society

Located in Little Falls, MN

Phone: (320) 632-0703

The Morrison County Animal Humane Society (MCAHS) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to the humane protection of homeless animals of Morrison County, Minnesota and surrounding areas. MCAHS operates a small shelter in Little Falls, Minnesota that first opened in the fall of 1995. Some of the services offered at MCAHS are adoptions of homeless animals to people seeking life long companions; impounding of strays from the city of Little Falls and surrounding cities and townships; low cost spay/neuter services; reunion of lost pets with owners; and education on appropriate pet care and ownership.

Northwest Minnesota Aussie Rescue

Located in Ada, MN


We are Northwest Minnesota Aussie Rescue. We work in conjunction with Aussie Rescue of Minnesota. Brenda Mikkelsen and Feitze (Phil) DeVries are owners/managers of NWMNAR, and the Aussies make up our organization as well. We are located in the township of Ada, MN and have a six-acre ranchette to dedicate our extra time to the rescue of Australian Shepherds in need.

We specialize in finding forever homes for Australian Shepherds and a few other breeds and crosses that are in need for whatever reason. We are non-profit and solely work out of our own pockets and or what comes in from an adoption fee. Both of us work full time in career jobs, and work the rest of the time with the rescue.

Why wouldn’t you want to do it? When you know deep down inside when you look into that special dog’s eyes and know you saved his life, and he looks back at you, it’s almost like they too know they were spared and are being given a second chance! It’s not “just a dog.” It’s a life that is willing to supply unconditional love when given that second chance.

Red Lake Rosie’s Rescue

Located in Red Lake, MN

Phone: (218) 268-4477


Red Lake Rosie’s Rescue (RLRR) is a companion animal rescue and shelter located on the Red Lake Indian Reservation in northwestern Minnesota. Karen Good began the rescue with a mission to decrease the overpopulation of dogs and cats and the resulting homelessness, disease, malnutrition, and abuse, which has remained unchecked for generations on the reservation.

Rosie’s provides food, housing, medical care, and spay/neuter for the rescued animals at the shelter; transports them to foster homes in the Cities; holds free spay/neuter clinics for community animals; and provides humane education to the Red Lake reservation residents.