Adopt a Pet

In addition to distributing funds to its Beneficiary Organizations, Pause 4 Paws is often asked to help find rescue organizations or foster families for animals in need.  All of our Beneficiary Organizations advertise cats and dogs available for adoption on their websites.  Many also work with stores like Petco and Pet Smart to bring animals to adoption events on a weekly basis. Visit our Beneficiary Organizations page for contact information and locations for each of our partners and to view adoption opportunities on their websites.

See our Success Stories page for some of our most heart warming stories. 

Become a Foster Family

Another great option if you are considering adopting a pet, or just love animals, is to become a foster family.  Most of our Beneficiary Organizations do not operate physical animal shelters, rather they rely on the support and dedication of volunteer foster families to care for and give a temporary home to the animals while they are awaiting adoption.  Most rescue organizations will cover the cost of food and any needed medical care for the animals while they are in foster care.  Visit our Beneficiary Organizations page to find a rescue in your area -- most of their websites have information about how to become a foster family. 

If you would like more information, please feel free to contact P4P directly via email at