Top Dog Foundation

Top Dog Foundation's mission is to rescue, rehabilitate, and provide a loving and permanent home for dogs that are deemed “un-adoptable” because of age and health; that would otherwise be unnecessarily euthanized.

Top Dog's vision is that every senior dog; homeless, abandoned, or labeled “un-adoptable” and scheduled for expiration because of age, and health, will have a loving and permanent home . . . that their transition from this life will be in the arms of someone who loves them.

Bentley Grants

Bentley Grants were created to provide financial medical assistance to rescue groups and shelters to address serious health-related conditions of dogs in their care.

Downloads available:
Bentley Program Fact Sheet
Organization Application

Dog & Angels

A joint venture between Top Dog Foundation and Top Dog Country Club to provide permanent care for dogs whose owners want to ensure lifetime care in the event of their deaths.

The Sanctuary

Bentley’s Place is a permanent home for senior dogs with treatable health issues; those deemed un-adoptable.

The Top Dog Foundation aims to set a new standard for care of elder dogs. Top Dog Sanctuary will provide a wonderful home for senior dogs (typically age ten or older) to live into their golden years in a loving, permanent home . . . not a shelter.

Bentley’s Place will be the first of its kind, setting a new standard for the rescue and care of senior dogs. It will consist of both private and companion “family” suites for its residents, featuring orthopedic beds, soft music, incandescent lighting, air-conditioning, and air purification systems. A monitoring and security system will run 24 hours a day to ensure the health and safety of the “guests”.

Specifically designed indoor and outdoor parks will serve the relaxation and recreation needs of Top Dog Sanctuary’s elder residents. Staff will play with, care for, or just pet these lucky dogs as their needs dictate.

Bentley’s place includes a medical clinic, and hydrotherapy and rehabilitation center.

A training facility, crematory, and full-sized pool will be open to the public and will help to generate ongoing revenue to care for the residents.

These dogs will live with us at The Sanctuary until they die of natural causes or until their health issues reduce any reasonable quality of life.