Our Story

In January 2010, a volunteer from Red Lake Rosie’s Rescue (RLRR) emailed our founder, Jill Goldstein, a picture of an adorable dog that needed a home. He had been abused and abandoned, living in a church parking lot for three months until RLRR rescued him. Jill adopted Oliver two weeks later and he became the first member of the P4P family. 

Oliver has developed a special relationship with Jill's brother, who has special needs. Oliver is extremely protective of Jill's brother and seeing Oliver brings him great joy.  

A few months later, Jill adopted Gizmo, a cat she found on RLRR’s website. Gizmo was in foster care and had some health issues. She is a little cat with a big personality who behaves like a dog.   Gizmo answers to her name, greets Jill at the door, loves to be held and wants to be the center of attention….always. Oliver and Gizmo are the best of friends and Jill calls them her “kids with fur.”  Jill's P4P family continues to grow as she has adopted additional animals in need. 

P4P is an all-volunteer organization supported by a group of generous sponsors [LINK to Sponsors page] who provide both financial donations and in-kind services.  P4Ps efforts are guided by a Board of Directors that assists with development and marketing as well as the core operations of the organization. 

If you would like to get involved in P4P, please contact us at 651-447-PAWS or via email at info@pause4pawsmn.org