In May, a collie breeder in Colorado reached out to a former president of the Minnesota Wisconsin Collie Rescue (MWCR) who had worked with her in the past.  The breeder had a 10-week-old collie puppy with patent ductus arteriousus, a congenital heart defect that is fatal without surgical correction.  The breeder did not have access to the specialty care the puppy needed and offered to surrender the puppy to the Minnesota Wisconsin Collie Rescue if we would provide the life-saving surgery he needed.

Chance, who is now known as Finn, was fostered in the Twin Cities and was evaluated by Dr. Christopher Stauthammer, a cardiologist at the University of Minnesota Veterinary Medical Center, who determined that Chance would be a good candidate for surgery. After his successful surgery on May 25, 2016, Chance became a very active puppy who clearly did not want to remain quiet for two weeks as Dr. Stauthammer had ordered. 

In early June, Finn was adopted into a household with an older collie from MWCR who taught him all he needed to know. Finn is well behaved, stays in the front yard when off the leash, and comes when called.  He and his older collie brother had just returned from a stay at the family's cabin on the lake where Finn learned to chase waves. Finn has another echocardiogram scheduled this fall to verify that the surgery was successful in correcting the heart defect.  Because of the life-saving efforts of this remarkable group of people, Finn will lead a normal, long, and happy life.