Lady is a five-year-old German Shepherd and she is a special girl. Lady was a red tag, meaning she was on the euthanasia list, and she seemed to have given up. Lady was underweight and her backbone was sticking out. At the vet, she was diagnosed as malnourished, heart worm positive, "dude aggressive" (hates men), and had a double ear infection. Lady survived the heart worm treatment but remained weak, lethargic and vomiting.

Another trip to the vet...another diagnosis. Pregnant and due soon! This skinny girl was carrying 5 babies. Lady came to get her foster mother when it was time and she was with Lady all night. Two of the pups did not survive, which caused Lady some additional anxiety.  

"A week later, I received a phone call that a Pug had been killed and that her one week old babies needed a mother. Lady took the Pug puppies in immediately, as though they were her own, and was much happier with her mismatched litter of five. Lady’s puppies have been adopted and she has since turned into quite the puppy herself. She has discovered toys, walks, and she loves to go for rides in the car! Lady is the dedicated protector of our foster home."

However, Lady's success story is not complete. We are still looking for a forever home for Lady, and we are confident the right family is out there! For information about adopting Lady, please contact us at