Mocha and Barkley

Mocha was born on a reservation in the Dakotas and had no place to call home – at two months old Mocha was already a stray dog.  Thankfully the good people of Lake Traverse Animal Rezcue saved her.  Mocha was transported to Minnesota where she became part of the Rescued Tails family and went into our Rush to Rescue program at the correctional facility in Rush City, MN.  We are happy to report that Mocha now has a canine buddy and human boy to play with in her loving, adoptive forever home.

Barkley was found in the old dairy barn sitting on top of some hay bales. He was covered in fleas and painfully thin. With a little time and patience we were able to coax him to come to us, and after a few days at the vet, and lots of fluids, Barkley is back with us and doing much better. Unfortunately Barkley has been diagnosed with kidney failure, but Rescue Tails is making him comfortable and giving him lots of love and care.