Ross was five days old when he came into rescue. He was born in a barn and his mother abandoned him. He was severely underweight and as Ross started to mature, we could tell he was struggling with motor skills. He struggled to walk,use a litter box and eat from a dish. He had to be bottle fed until he was much older than the average kitten.

It turned out that Ross had a condition call Cerebellum Hypoplasia, a condition caused by a virus that his mother had while she was pregnant. Eventually, Ross learned to use a high sided litter box and eat from a dish. He liked to play with the other foster kittens, but he could only walk about five feet prior to losing his balance. Ross would slide down the stairs to join his foster family, but never learned to climb back up the slippery wood stair case. Ross found his forever home when he was ten months old. He learned to climb up their carpeted stairs so he can always be with his family!